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Default Duke Study

Hi all,

A Duke University Medical School Study has been in the news lately and I just finished reading the actual study.

It states that obese people who workout out aerobically at 75% of their perceived capacity lost more visceral and liver fat than those who did resistance training 3 x per week on non consecutive days.

The resistance training described in the study is as 8 exercises performed on Cybex stationary exercise equipment performing 3 sets of 8-12 reps per exercise. Weight was increased by 5 lbs every time a set of 12 was successfully completed w/ perfect form.

The study was conducted for 8 months with a short ramp up period to acclimate participants to the program.

My questions:
1) Would a different resistance training program (gymnastics based, Powerlifting based, Weightlifting based, etc) be able to produce the same results as the aerobic training used in the study (that was a combination of running, elliptical machine and hand cycle).

2) Is this study meaningful at all, given that it did not touch on diet?

I just sent this topic to Robb and Greg via the Paleo Solution Podcast and I'm crossing my fingers it makes its way into their eloquent and diplomatic comments.

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