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Troy Kerr
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I am gradually testing my maxes throughout the week. Today I had some pretty decent results.
Tuck planche: went from barely 1 second, to a 5-7 second hold. This is pretty solid since I only recently started using a band for support during my tuck planche, and doing a ton of of protraction pre-hab work.
Front lever- Adv tuck: 10 seconds, this has not gotten worse, even though I have gotten stronger with FL pulls, rows, and negatives. I can hold a single leg front lever for 5-6 seconds. I will probably re-test these later this week as I have been up since 5 and in and out of class all day.
OAC negatives: I tried these by using a mixed grip pullup, and gradually taking a finger off, I did a 3x 2 ( 1 per arm) and could get a 7 second negative with 2 fingertips. My only concern with these would be doing these early in the week, and the front lever negatives later on in the week, I would assume this would leave to a bit of overuse?
RTO Dips and Bulg Dips: 2 RTO dips, probably could of gotten 3, bulg dips 5.

I was a little low on energy during this but I finally broke up my planche stagnation. I am considering doing a SA BA total split based on how you guys ( most likely Steven) recommend I adjust my volume and intensity week to week.
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