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Troy Kerr
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I trust your opinion. So as far as setting up a weekly template:

Skill Work: 4x15 second Ring Handstands. L-sits: I recently started training a low l-sit and a high tuck and just rotated the days. I will re-test my l-sit today as well as the high tuck.

Statics: How should I manipulate volume and intensity week to week? 1 heavy or intense day, 1 light or volume day? All I have done up to this point is 50% of max holds. If there is a heavy and light day, should those vary week to week as well? Such as ( week 1 50%, week 2, 70%, week 3 80%) similar to some weightlifting programs?

Concentrics: I assume how the statics are arranged by either heavy or light will have an influence on the intensities of my push pull work in this category as well. Right now my movements are:

Push: Straight arm Handstand wall press, progressing to smooth reps. 5-6 x 1?
Pseudo Planche Push-ups: Either on the floor, or in tuck planche on parralettes using a band? 3x5 or 5x3

Pull: Front lever Negatives ( 1/2 lay): 5-6x 1x 5-7 seconds, once a week.
Front Lever Pull: 5x3 ( adv. tuck), this cycle focusing on using a solid temp. 30X1
Front Lever Pull-up: I will work on these today, I need to get video of my straddle FLPU to check ROM.

My biggest question is how to manipulate the intensities of the statics week to week as I assume that will impact other push/pull work.
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