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Nicolas Warren
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Mon 15 Aug '11

Hill Sprints x 10. Small hill (maybe 20 meters?)

Wed 17 Aug '11

Power Snatch: ...50x3x4
Clean: 50x3x2, 70x3x2, 80x2x2
Back Squat: ...95x5x3
Press: 20x5, 30x5x3
F. Planks: BW-60s, 10kg-60s

Sat 20 Aug '11

Back Squats: 95x8x5
Dead Lift: 100x10
F. Planks: BWx60s, 10kgx60s
Band Pull-Aparts x 30

Sun 21 Aug '11

Snatch: 55x3x7

Mon 22 Aug '11

Clean + Front Squat + Power Clean + Push Jerk: 75x4
Snatch: 50x3x3
F. Planks: BW-60s, 10kg-60s, 15kg-60s

Wed 24 Aug '11

Snatch: 60x3x4
Back Squat: 115x5x5
Push-Press: 50x2x7
F. Planks: BW-60s, 15kg-60sx2

Thu 25 Aug '11

Clean + Front Squat + Clean + Front Squat + Power Clean: 95x3
Barbell Row: 50x20

Sat 27 Aug '11

Snatch: ... 70, 75, 80, 85x, 85, 90x, 90x (behind)
Back Squat: ...130x3x5
Dead Lift: ... 165x4
F. Plank: BW-60s, 15kg-60s, 20kg-60s

Mon 29 Aug '11

Clean: ...110, 120, 125, 130x, 130x
Snatch: 70x3x3
1-arm DL: 50kg, 70kg (for abs)
Lat Pull-downs: 90lbsx20, 110lbsx20

Wed 31 Aug '11 (feeling pretty tired here after the cleans on Monday)

Snatch: 50x3x2
Push Press: 50x3x5

Thu 1 Sep '11

Back Squat: ...140x2x3
Power Clean: ...90x3x3

Sat 3 Sept '11

Snatch: ... 75, 80, 85x, 85x (felt easy, but a bit out)
Back Squat: ... 150, 165 (pb), 170x
Dead Lift: ...160 (double over hand + belt), 180 (pb) (straps + belt), 190x
GHD sit-ups: 10x2, 10 w/ 5kg

The back squat and the dead lift were nice to get. My right shoulder is still pretty messy. Will unload for a week, and try another two weeks.
Age/Height/BW: 28/6'/94kg.
Snatch: 105kg. C&J: 135kg. Clean: 137.5kg. Jerk: 135kg. BS/FS: 187.5/160kg.
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