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Monday September 5th

Low Bar Squat

I'm switching to 5/3/1 for these. TM is getting stale, both in terms of progression and mentally. What I would like to do is, after hitting 225x5 on the bench, switch to full 5/3/1 (as opposed to sticking with TM for the upper body as I'll be doing), going light on the assistance work (in terms of exercise selection) and joining some group, crossfit circuit like classes 4 times a week. 5/3/1 will be a little different this time. The last time I ran it I pretty much stopped for no other reason than the squatting was getting really painfull and I was losing my nerve, what with the high reps. To remedy that this time I'm going to autoregulate the per cycle increases. For every rep I get over a certain limit, I'll add an extra 5 pounds to the next cycles increase. Problem solved.


Doing a 5/3/1 thing with these. Was not expecting how out of breath I would get, or the speed at which it would happen. Grip kind of failed towards the end and I couldn't get a solid lockout on the last rep. You can see in the video that I just started banging out the last couple of reps. It was a good strategy I'll be continuing. You can also see in the video that I really need to lose some weight.

7 Down Kettlebell Swing/Burpee Ladder

Used a 40 pound bell. This was pretty painless, but it still elevated my heart rate pretty good. I'll do this one twice a week, adding a ladder once a week until I get to 13. 50 pound bell next time.

100 Kettlebell Swings

50 pound bell. This was not painless. I have a new respect for people who can bust out 200 with a 70 pound bell in less than 10 minutes.
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