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Thursday September 8th


Smashed my 315x10 goal and proved without a doubt that I'm better at high reps. I probably could have taken this to twenty if I had balls. Since this is 2 reps over my 5 day limit, I'll increase an extra 15-20 pounds next cycle depending on how cheeky I'm feeling. Speaking of cheeky, don't watch this vid unless your comfortable seeing man ass crack.

Wide Stance Box Squats

Not sure if I even need cardio after this. This didn' feel too heavy, but my groin felt pretty stiff. I need to think of another good assistance exercise for my squat. Based on my various issues (squat good mornining, weak off the floor in deadlift) I think the problem is my hamstring strength. Need to think of a good exercise for it. Already doing RDL's, but I could probably stand to hit them harder. Deficit deadlifts would be the way to go, but my back might not like that. Fuark.

I'm probably not going to do a metcon today, the thought feels bad man. I'll do my treadmill walking though. Lol I am a sissy. Once I get started on those group classes I think consistency in metcons shouldn't be a problem though.
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