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Originally Posted by Bryan Kemper View Post
My point is that the above workout was on the Mainsite today. Is one disallowed from doing Deadlift sets of 2 with 60 sec rest in between?

If you can't do one, then you would be allowed to do the other. What is the difference?
Crossfit isn't the deadlift, it isn't pushups, it isn't pullups, it isn't the snatch, it isn't the clean and jerk.
What Crossfit is, is how they use the deadlift, pushup, pullup, snatch, and clean and jerk. Its the method they use them. In this case doing so many 2 reps probably isn't going to be an issue, but doing so many 2 reps of deadlifts with electrical shock pullups and handstand pushups and ghd situps inbetween probably will. And I think this is what the gym is refering too, and I think that's probably what the difference is.
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