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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Did I say it wasn't Crossfit?

But out of pure interest, why do you do Crossfit?
I have found Crossfit to meet my fitness needs of:
1) Preparing me for my annual AF fitness test
2) Keeps me challenged by providing wide variety of workouts that are varied and intense
3) Introduced me to weightlifting and barbell training
4) has developed a desire for fitness that I did not have before.

I understand that there are other training systems out there, but this is what I have found effective in myself and those around me. The people that have trained with in Alaska, Iraq and South Dakota (not to mention the Crossfit affiliates that we visit when visiting someplace) enjoy what they are doing in the gym and honestly want to see each other do better and perform to best of our abilities.

I have seen Crossfit develop a sense of maturity and fitness/nutrition attitude in my 18 yo step-son. So much so that he went out for High School track last year and plans to continue during his senior year. This was from a kid that just wanted to skateboard and play video games less than 18 months ago.

I have seen Crossfit totally transform individuals from over-weight, self-conscious individuals to a fit, confident, healthy person. The encouragement that they received in a Crossfit community was a main ingredient in the transformations.

I have also said that each individual needs to listen to what their bodies are telling them before, during and after a workout. Scale appropriately, develop proper technique and use the proper technique throughout the workout and you will be fine.

I Crossfit because I believe in it and it works.

Don't like it, then don't do it.

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