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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
You're aware that its a bear trap. That its set up to draw you in, yet there is rhabdomyolysis, there are SLAP tears, there are achilles ruptures, yet you still step into it. I'm curious to why that is. Why do Crossfitters, when the creator openly admits that the workouts can kill you, still do it?
You can get Rhabdo from anything. I know a person that got Rhabdo from a Spinning class. Before I do any workout that would have a chance at inducing rhabdo, ie high rep GHDs situps, I will have conditioned myself to a point where it won't be a risk. That is where a responsible trainer comes into play, or if you are training on your own, a personal level of education and responsibility factors in. Never done 150 GHD situps in a WOD before, check out the Brand-X forum for scaling tips. They might just say something about scaling if you are not experienced with the movement in question.

Injuries can happen. I could rupture an achille's tenden hiking, but is that going to stop me from hiking. Again, I go back to one has to pay attention to thier bodies and perform appropriately.

I try to stay away from this discussion because I don't like the general attitude. I come back to Catalyst Athletics and Performance Menu because I like Greg Everett's approach to Oly lifting. When I come to this discussion it is like rubbernecking at a horrific accident. You get drawn into it.

Now please answer a question for me....

What is the obsessive compulsive fascination with scouring the internet, Facebook, etc for any and all reference to injuries? You would have people believe that every gym is filled with injury statistics. Have you ever considered the number of injury-free, healthy individuals that do Crossfit every day?
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