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They have done the top two on a couple of occasions, not openly on the mainsite like you've mentioned, but occasionally someone like Bingo, or on an affiliate blog they'll post a warning. But somewhat they're just putting the cart before the horse, like you'll see an affiliate post a warning about GHDs on a GHD wod day, but someone legit would already have know who can do this, who can not to that, and a warning wouldn't be necessary being they're already be a plan in place. They've been warning about rhabdo for a very long time, and look where that is going hahaha. I think at this point they're just not fixable though, they've had their opportunities on a number of occasions to really progress and make positive adjustments, they didn't take it, I think at this point we should just sit back, drink beer, let them shoot themselves in the foot, and just enjoy the show.
And try to salvage as many people as possible away from it, should slip that in too.
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