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Pretty much reflects my current thought.

I'd get hooked up with a club for the ball skills acquisition. Basic ball skills, are in my mind:

short pop pass
long passes
(either side)
stripping the ball (from teammates in maul situation, or opposite team hung up in a maul facing you)
picking the ball up cleanly while at a full run

I was never a good kicker, but practicing drop kicks isn't going to hurt, neither is practicing your kicks for touch.

Playing rugby successfully is all about pain tolerance.


Longer, moderately paced runs build the aerobic base and help condition the joints for running...this is much less important when you're young, but really, really important as you get older. At 37, if you don't have the ability to run for 30 minutes continuously, build this up. If you do, I'd say get 3 or so runs in a week for a few weeks just to make sure.

Fast/slow intervals would come next.

Concurrent with that, short non-running conditioning work can be done. Sled dragging and the prowler come to mind, as do some Crossfit style training, as long as you aren't compromising your recovery ability.
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