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Andrew Wilson
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So last night, I had a really good discussion with a few good friends of mine that are top quality coaches, and we had talked about this massive GPP movement, that there is tremendous desire in clients and coaches to really be this all around athlete, or gain all around fitness. We all know at this point with the last 280 pages of overkill that its not really being appropriately handled, that again, there's damage going on, and very little quality guidance and programming. But now that we have a pretty strong and consistant following on this thread, I want to move this discussion to you all.

As people obviously interested in fitness and athletic training, what are the problems that you all are pursuing to answer that you have not found yet?
What goals are you all pursuing?
And what information do you wish you had your hands on that you do not have?

That could either 1) achieve your goals at a higher quality and efficiency, or 2) achieve your goals and improve the quality of your coaching
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