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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
For people who have sports-related goals, the answer should be sports specific.

Crossfit has also exposed that, for many such people, "getting fit" can be a gateway to actual sports performance (witness the impact that Crossfit has on masters WL, for instance).
Well, regarding sports specific issues and goals, since this is technically a weightlifting forum and not just a CrossFit bashing forum, I would point to Arien's points above.

I decided to leave CrossFit and pursue weightlifting.

Problem. The closest weightlifting coach is 140 miles away from me.

So, what did I do? I commuted 4.5 hours round trip every week for 10 months in order to train with him. I only did that because I COULD. It's not feasible for everyone.

And, it's not feasible for me for the long term either. This is why I now own my own gym. I couldn't do what I needed to do to train at the two local CF affiliates nor was I interested in continuing to train at a CF affiliate.

So, what happens? I, as a new weightlifter and a new coach, end up with my own gym. And, I'm fine with that for a lot of reasons. It gives me the flexibility to train whenever I need to train. And, it gives the CrossFitters who are either ready to move onto something else or just generally sick of bullshit and/or $190 a month memberships another option for training. But, it's by default because in a perfect world, there would be a more experienced weightlifting coach right around the corner, and I could spend more time coaching under that person before opening my own place.

It is what it is. My goal is to grow the sport of weightlifting. My USAW club is 6 months old. I have 11 members, 6 of whom have already competed at sanctioned meets, plus a good group of people who drop in (mainly CrossFitters) without being members. If my gym didn't exist, there wouldn't be an active USAW club in Western North Carolina.

But, for some people, I guess that option would be better since I get so much shit for opening a gym without "qualifications." I've done as much as possible to become a better coach in the last year. I've gone to every seminar possible. I've gone to train with as many coaches as possible. I've competed in as many meets as possible. My lifters have competed in as many meets as possible. In any other sport, developmental coaches are welcomed. This is what has to happen in weightlifting. I mean, really? Who are we kidding? USAW has 7000 members and only 4000 or so are lifters. USA Swimming has 300000 members. We should be doing everything we can to get any CrossFitter who is remotely serious about weightlifting to get involved in the sport, even if it is just by doing a single sanctioned meet.

So, Andrew, this is something to think about from my perspective. Once people are done training like idiots or are done coaching like idiots, and they are ready to move onto something else, how do we support that? Where do they even go to train?
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