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Originally Posted by Matt Thomas View Post
Hey Andrew. What do you think would be the most productive way to hit all the level 3 goals from here? assuming I can hit all of the level 2 standards and a solid strength base?
That's pretty easy - 800m, a good two lapper has to be great in the 100, 400, and a 5k. So just take this athlete, add special strength training sessions to enhance the power position for jumping. Then add gymnastics. Start off with building an aerobic base for 12 weeks with moderate bounding twice a week. Finish with another 12 weeks of sessions at 60/100/200, 400, 800/1500, 3k/5k, 10k/HM paces over a 14 day period. Twice a week on the 60/100/200 pace days, add bounding, or squat with shock method/bounding, or weightlifting. Add gymnastic sessions next. The track sessions should carry over to the rowing. The first 12 weeks should be the 'off period' for the nervous system, the second 12 weeks should be the 'on period' for the nervous system.

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