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Wednesday September 14th

Bench Press -TnG

Got more pain in my biceps than usual, lower part of the bicep too.

Lying Tricep Extensions

Came close to failure on the last rep, so I'm going to try progressing just one set. Hopefully I can make it to 100x10 before I have to reset.

BB Row

EZ Bar Curl

1:30 rest on last set.


I am cursed with a heavy burden because whenever I walk into the room I realize that I am the strongest and most physically capable person there. I know that those other people are like children comepared to me and I feel as though it is my duty to protect them. I can never relax around other people because they see me as some kind of anabolic jacked huge beast monster...or some kind of super being. when they look at me I see fear and awe in their eyes. I know that it is my duty to protect them from any harm that might come there way. sometimes the gravity of the situation and the realizations just come crashing down on me and I become overwhelmed to the point of tears, and I must run into the bathroom and loose my bowels in privacy to avoid them realizing that I am human just like them. I feel like I have gone down a path of no return and that I am becoming something I dont understand. does anyone else feel this way?
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