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William McAlpine
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Wednesday - 9-7-11

Squat - 280x5x5
Bench Press - 185x5x5
Deadlift - 270x5

Friday - 9-9-11

Front Squat 245x3x3
Press - 150x5x2, 150x4 fail 5 on third set
Power Snatch 160x2x5

Sunday - 9-11-11

Squat - 315x5
Bench Press - 205x2 (fail 3rd)
Power Clean 215x2x5

Switching to push press for intensity day. I haven't liked benching twice a week as much as I thought I would. Friday's haven't had the intensity that I would like because Monday's are a little too much. Typically a 185x5x5 bench press would put me somewhere in the 205x5 range.
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