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Monday September 19th

Front Squats

Was more out of breath, felt sweaty faster, and the weight felt heavier today. I blame the apple crisp I ate an hour before training.

LAST YEAR THIS WEEK: Squatted 226x8. So in a year I've added 120 or so pounds. I can live with that.


This was intense. Lockout on the last rep was laboured and I think this was a 12RM or damn close to it. Because my goal is 500 in January though, I need to move heavier weight for less repetitions. So, I'm going to jump to 405 training max next cycle, then 425, then progress by 10 pounds per cycle.

LAST YEAR THIS WEEK: Deadlifted 320x5. Gains have not been nearly as good in the deadlift in this year, but I bet I've added 80-90 pounds so its not all bad.

Got some blood work done. My platelets are 205 which looks above the average range (?), my blood glucose is 5.2 which seems about mid-range. Sodium is fine, which is cool because I eat alot of salty shit. My total cholesterol is 5.48, which is high, LDL is 3.41 but HDL is 1.43, which gives me a ratio of 3.8. I would like to see LDL lower. But all in all, considering my diet consists of hot dogs, frozen pizzas, bacon, and chips, and my bodyfat percentage, I think I'm doing alright.

Tried to mess around with some stones, had 0 strength.
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