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From the Crossfit journal, an article on Games programming has these gems:

Although the main-site programming at is
not designed to prepare athletes for the Games, Budding
said that it helps immensely in the process of creating the
Games workouts.
“Main-site programming is not designed to prepare
people for the Games,” he said. “The purpose of running
programming for the main site is not to be Gamesoriented.
It’s for forging elite fitness. The reason why we
do the movements is because they are the best way to
test fitness.
So, the mainsite WODs prepare you for the unknown and the unknowable and to forge elite fitness, so long as its not the elite fitness of the Crossfit Games, which is the measurement of "the fittest person of the planet"?

And, its not designed to prepare athletes for the Games, but its used to create the Games workouts?

I'm confused by this- I'd post this question on the journal site in response to the video, but- if you've seen the number of posts that actually make it by the censor these days- you understand the futility of that.

Can anyone clarify that statement, and perhaps explain it?

I got home from coaching and training actual competitive athletes that compete in actual sports, saw it, and it left me a tad confused.

BTW: Just in case you were wondering if anyone else would get kicked in the head, stung by a jellyfish, or leave most of their hand skin on the bars NEXT year.....

“I’m already programming the 2012 Games,” Castro said. “It
started before the 2011 Games ended.”
Funny, because even though it said earlier in the article there's a whole team that programs the Games, Castro seems to take a great deal of pride in pointing out that HE is the programming wizard.

But, it blends nicely with this- unedited in any way, although I bolded the cool part- quote:

The workouts are kept secret partly for what Castro calls
“the mental mind-fuck,” but partly because in the past, “We
didn’t know what we were doing,” said Castro.
Maybe not though, since the Reebok Crossfit Store now recommends the use of exercise gloves.
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