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Wednesday September 21st

Bench Press - TnG

Pretty easy. My wrists were hurting so I put on some wrist wraps, which dramatically improved my comfort level while benching. I felt really good and stable/secure, so I could just focus on pushing and form/tucking my elbows. I don't think I have wrists built for pressing. I compared with my grandmother the other day and hers were only a little smaller lol.

Lying Tricep Extensions

Was easier today. Unfortunately though I was getting forearm pain during these and the first 2 sets of benching, which means my time with the EZ curl bar has come to an end. I'll be doing dumbbell curls from now on.

BB Row

Easy today, only rested 2:30.

Dumbbell Curl
50'sx3x8 R
50x2x6 1x8 L

Was much more painfull. Elbow pain, shoulder pain, but only a little forearm pain, and my biceps felt way fresher after then I do bar curls.


Attended a free trial class at a local kung fu joint. Its too expensive, but it was a good wake up call. Theres nothing like watching your gut go up and down in the mirror as you struggle through a simple conditioning drill to make you feel like your training isn't on track. I'm going to find another school, a cheaper school, and maybe go more often than twice a week. I need something athletic to keep me focused on shit other than pure strength work, like cardio and a more functional bodyweight. Once December roles around I'm going to cut down to 15% bodyfat, I swear it here and let all now, I will diet down. I say December because thats when I'm scheduled to squat 405 for the first time. Hopefully I get at least 5 reps, so that once I drop down to say 190 or so, I'll still be able to squat 405, deadlift 440, and bench 225. If I can do that I'll be happy. I'm also going to get shelby starnes e-book concerning carb cycling.

I'm going to start adding callisthenics to my routine too. On the plus side, I was able to do way more diamond push ups on my knees than I was able to the last time I tried them. Like, 10 more.
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