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Originally Posted by Jason Ashman View Post
The workouts are kept secret partly for what Castro calls
“the mental mind-fuck,” but partly because in the past, “We
didn’t know what we were doing,
” said Castro.
I wrote the scorekeeping system used for the 2010 sectionals, regionals and the finals. Thoughout the first 2 rounds, DNFs automatically moved you behind anyone who finished all the workouts. It worked great for the ~40 events it was used for.

I get to Carson, and Dave announces that DNFs will no longer adversely affect you in the standings in the way they had previously. I didn't find this out until Dave announced it to everyone. That's how good the communication at HQ and with Dave is. I had to re-jigger on the fly how the scores for DNFs were input, and they wouldn't even tell me the events so I could figure that out ahead of time to help out the people actually entering the results.
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