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Default Oly Lifting and Yoga

I saw a previous thread on this and was hoping to get some recent feedback. I've been reading up on yoga and was curious if anyone in this group is using it and seeing benefits. I know I have "tight" hamstrings, hips, hammies and thoracic spine. I'm familiar with kstar's material and the sticky thread in this area....information overload for me. Here is what I've been thinking of with emphasis on hammering my hamstrings:

Trigger point therapy about an hour before my workout, with Greg's standard warmup about 20min before working out.

Immediately following the workout, static stretching my quads and hamstrings specifically for a minimum 2 min per leg including spidermans and russian baby makers. (also icing my patellar tendonitis)

3-5x per day, working on my static (not sure if I should use PNF etc) on my hamstrings for at least 2 minutes per leg. I was thinking of adding a max of 30 min of yoga 3+ times per week.

I'm sick of my crappy bottom position and butt winking Thanks!
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