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Pat McElhone
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I do not know if I would do yoga to increase flexibility for weightlifting. Here is my $0.02...and what I do:

If it is important do it everyday (Dan John)
Foam Roll IT bands, hips, quads, groin, hamstrings, glutes, T-spine
Pavel joint mobility from Super Joints DVD
My olift mobility w/PVC pipe
5 Passover
5 Pressing Snatch Balance
5 Sots Press
5 Muscle Snatches to OHS-opens my T-spine

Additionally, remember, one of the best ways to increase flexibility for the weightlifting position is to weightlift. Use the weighted barbell to "assist" you. Do not be afraid to lighten the load, but OHS, Front Squats, Back Squats all are excellent tools to improve mobility.

After 4years, my wink is getting better. Good luck
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