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Default Almost 2 month update

Date: October 14, 2011
BW = 191
Bodyfat = ~12%
Eating hours = Between 1200-2000
Goal = Lean gain mode until November 2011
Food quality ='s Army food in A-stan....not much I can do about that but volume of food isn't a problem.

Supplements currently taking:
8 capsules NOW foods Ultra Omega-3 - daily
Scivation Xtend BCAA's - before fasted workouts
vitamin D3 - daily
NOW foods digestive enzymes - daily
5g creatine - daily

Currently doing a Westside variation of 1 upper ME day, 1 DE lower day, 1 RE Upper day and 1 ME lower day, running intervals 3x/week and 1 metcon/week. Going to increase my walking in the next few weeks also.

In the last 8 weeks I've gained on my lifts quite a bit and been able to stay around the same bodyfat while gaining 4 pounds. Wasn't trying to gain weight surprised I have, I'm going to add in more walking and try to monitor my food intake a little more during my fasts. Would like to be down to 10% by the time we fly home. Going to keep training volume the same probably drop a running day after my next PT test (1 week from today).

Metnally I feel better now, for the first few weeks I was a miserable SOB! Very easy to anger and very irritable. Now I feel like I'm back to "normal" as normal gets being here in A-stan. I will update as I start to taper the food a bit and increase my NEPA.
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