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Today 20111012:

Combat Conditioning this morning w/ marines..

boots/utilities/flak jacket.

*2 Burpees
First Repetition: (10) KB presses with each arm
*4 Burpees
Second Repetition: (10) KB snatches or high pulls with each arm
*6 Burpees
Third Repetition: (10) KB cleans with each arm
*8 Burpees
Fourth Repetition: (15) KB curls
*10 Burpees
Fifth Repetition: (15) KB behind the head presses
*12 Burpees
Sixth Repetition: (10) Plyo Pushups using KB
*14 Burpees
Seventh Repetition: (20) Goblet Squats
*16 Burpees
Eighth Repetition: (20) KB Flip Swings
*18 Burpees
Ninth Repetition: (20) Figure 8 to hold
*20 Burpees
Tenth Repetition: (10) Tame the Arc each arm

180 total reps w/ KB
110 burpees
"One must try everyday to expand one's limits."
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