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I think any static stretching/yoga/joint mobility will assit you with your endeavors to improve your weightlifting.

I have strength trained for 25+ years now. 10 years ago, I got into yoga and tai chi. I had a private instructor who assisted me with baguas and the development of static poses that would assist me because of my, as he put it, "advanced musculature." To that end, he assisted me in developing a routine that works on hips and shoulders. After many years of squats, pulls and bench presses I had gummed up the works a bit. But by doing the mobility and the static poses that focus the strethces on the psoas and rhomboids, I'm now loose enough to do some fairly astounding things for a large man with a lot of muscle.

Now, at 41, I spend as much time with my pre and post workout yoga, joint mobility, self myofascial relase as I do actually strength training. This is something I began about 3 years ago. And I have no joint pain, muscle pain, etc. I have also made more progress strength training in the past 3 years than I did in all the previous 22 years training combined. It's amazing what you can sort out when you realize that the restoration of the muscular pathways and recovery are as important as actually doing the strength training. Wish I would have known this earlier in life.

I hope that helps a little?

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