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Thanks a lot Aimee. Obviously how close you are to a competition dictates the programming options a bit, but I have a few more questions that I ran into when working with my athletes.

1) When working with a crossfit competitor, do you have labels for the metcons you utilize? Such as max or sub-max anaerobic effort, or aerobic endurance, similar to OPT's site? From what I have read on max anaerobic effort metcons, they should be limited to once a week. But do you try and get in X number of anaerobic session and X number of aerobic sessions a week?

2) How do you organize the strength & conditioning work so that you don't over train throughout the week? Obviously there is common sense, like not doing HSPU work the day before you do a session of heavy jerks. But do you have any methods u use, other than monitoring the athletes recovery, to keep them as ready as possible for each wod? A rule I use is that if there was an eccentric load on the hips on day 1, day 2 I try to select a lower body movement for the metcon that dosent have such a taxing eccentric load, like Thrusters on day 1, double unders or box jumps day 2.

3) How would you go about prepping an athlete for higher volume workouts? Obviously increasing strength numbers helps tremendously, and training for something like 5 rounds of: 30 wall ball and 30 snatch does more harm than good. But if you utilize higher intensity, lower duration mecons primarily, should a coach program a wod aiming for similar intensity, but just getting them comfortable with higher reps?
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