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Sunday November 6th

Bench Press - TnG

Felt like a 10rm weight.

Mrs. Bumsteen
5 rounds for time:
55# DB Snatch x10
55# DB Swing x10
BW Squat x10

Time: 11:23

Did alot worse than I expected. My best time on this (with a 35# DB for snatches) was something around 5 minutes a year ago. Anyway this wasn't all out, although I was still close to puking and had to rest after each set of 10 for a good 20-30 seconds. I figure a 75% effort is better than a 0% effort though. I'm going to be feeling pretty good once I get this down to 6 minutes.

Good news is, I hopped on the scale between bench sets and weighed 245 clothed/fed/watered. Down a couple pounds from 3 weeks ago.

I looked up the junior CPF records and in the 100kg class the best squat is 155kg. I can beat that easily so it might be worth it to cut harder than I would normally do to make weight, or try to shed some water weight before the BOM.
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