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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Based on that article I would guess you would want circuits lasting 3-4 min with a 1-2 min recovery and repeat....or SS 5-10 compound exercises of reps 5-10 and rest and repeat SS circuit.....or run 800meter sprints....all good variations to go with....
Mike, if your comments are in reference to the following study, I'm not sure that I agree with your conclussion, or perhaps I misunderstand you (or the study).

Jason L Talanian1*, Stuart D.R. Galloway2, George J.F. Heigenhauser3, Arend Bonen1, and Lawrence L. Spriet1

The study, as I understand it, specifically looks at the effects of a particular training program (10 intervals consisting of 4 minutes work and 2 minutes rest) on SUBSTRATE UTILIZATION DURING EXERCISE. While VO2peak did increase, I don't think that was any earth shaking news. Several points are in order:

1. The study used ONE training protocol. While it showed that that particular protocal achieved the specified effect, i.e. improved fat utilization DURING exercize, it does NOT show that the particular protocol employed is the OPTIMAL protocol to achieve that result.
2. This particular study does NOT show that the protocol used is the optimal protocol for some other training objective, e.g. improvement in VO2max, sprinting speed, faster 400m time, etc.
3. This study does NOT demonstrate that the protocol employed is ideal for fat loss because (a) it does not compare this protocol with any others, and (b) substrate utilization DURING exercise is likely LESS important, in terms of fat loss than, than EPOC. While increased utilization of fatty acids during exercise is important for some performances and may be beneficial for fat loss, if the primary training objective is fat loss (and you likely have clients with various goals), let's compare the effects of studies on total fat lost, not just on fat utilization during 60 minutes of exercise.
4. I think Jamilla raises a great question regarding anaerobic vs aerobic HIIT. In answer to her question, I think BOTH types of training have their time and place and the W:R ratios and total times depend on the particualr training goals as well as the level of conditioning of the athlete.
(Jamilla, I know that's pretty vague, but it's 2:50 AM and I have class in the morning - will try to add more later.)
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