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Default Olympic lifting newbie's technique to criticise

Greg, or other coaches, I'd really like your opinion;

Just recently started doing the olympic lifts properly in training (turned from powerlifting training to pretty much only doing mid hang snatches, mid hang cleans, behind the neck jerks and pulls.. and it's awesome!)

And I really want to get decent, or dare I say it, even good at them.

So any comments on my my technical flaws so that I can improve would be hugely appreciated.

First proper set of clean training (anything other than working with the bar), but still only 60kg;

My 'light' weight attempts of 40kg snatches (with my pb only being a mere 57.5kg so far);

And on a side-note, I really don't believe that I can extend or layback any more than I am in the videos... I literally will fall backwards

As always, thanks in advance
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