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Hi all,

I'm now waiting for arthroscopy of both of my knees, due to menisci / patellas injury. The orthopedist told me yesterday that it is not clear if I will be able to do heavy weightlifting afterwards - the reason being the possible wear of patellas (Chondropathia patellae utq).

What I would like to find out is the following: is it possible that the wear of patellas could be the result of a long-time long-slow-distance activities in the past rather than weightlifting during the past 3 years? I never had any problems with my knees during my weightlifting period, while I couldn't claim the same about my long-slow-distance period of life.

Does anyone know about cases of successful recovery and return to lifting weights after such a diagnosis?

How about adding glucosamine / chondroitin / MSM? I know the wear is irreversible, but could adding these supplements help - and how?

My problems started in July after a bicycle accident - I fell of my bike and hurt my right knee. First medical diagnosis was related to the ligament and muscle tear, but it all got more complicated afterwards...
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