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Still dealing with mine actually, but I've been slowly coming out of the hole.

Things that help:

1. light aerobic exercise (which I absolutely hate...) but it helps. Instead of running I try to get out and play some bball with classmates

2a. sleep. A LOT. I have to get 9 hours or more to see myself recover a bit more. I try to aim for 10.5-12 hours.
2b. You MUST go to sleep before 10 PM.... even 11 hurts.... (which I'm doing right now). Preferably before 9 PM if you can get in the habit.
2c. Make sure room is pitch black, no sounds, etc. No computer before sleep (which I'm also doing right now... lol).

3. phosphatidylserine (anti-cortisol)

4. eat a lot. Preferably stuff with lots of cholesterol in it like eggs -- choleterol is precursor for testosterone and cortisol and lots of the other steroid hormones. Lots of fruits and veges for the nutrients as well.

5. Deep breathing is good... especially before bed.

Anything else you can do to destress is good too.

Sleep aids didn't really help me, but magnesium and zinc are definitely good to improve sleep if you've been having trouble there as well. Natural calm is pretty good, and then I just bought a zinc supplement which has been helping too.

I got to the point where if I would do something light like handstand work or wrist curls it would seriously jack up my sleep. HR was up around 80s or 90s.. not as bad as you. But I got random sympathetic flashes sometimes.

Now I can somewhat play basketball (not intensely) for about an hour without messing up my sleep, but any type of strength work more than one or two sets still jacks up my sleep. So I'm getting there slowly.... once I finish this freakin book I will have much more free time especially away from the computer.
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