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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
You are better off not using the Smith machine at all. It forces a very strange bar path in the squat. Start off using a bar only or DB at your sides, hell anything but a Smith Machine.

Yep, squatting 2x/week is better than once, especially if you want to get anywhere with it.

Your numbers are decent for those BW exercises. Most of the pull or pushup programs generally deal with just doing more volume.

So it's either that or get beast enough strong that a BW exercise is so easy that you can do ridiculous reps. This will take a long time.
Thanks for your feedback.

Yeah they aren't bad #s Actually was visiting a friend and was able to outrep a few young H.S. wrestlers in L-Pull ups. (They were competing at the time I walked in). Felt good, so I guess that's encouraging me in that direction.

I guess I'd also have to eat at a surplus to grow muscle and I'm not really inclined to do that now anyway. I suspect that I probably have a high proportion of S.T. endurance fibers anyway that I believe are harder to hypertrophy - to a large amount anyway. So will work on the volume program, and take whatever size comes my way.

I'll also give squatting with free weights a shot. I'm mainly concerned about getting off balance and dropping the weights. At the light weight the smith machine felt ok, however I will give the free weight a shot. Starting low and going slow I guess will allow the balance to develop...
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