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Monday November 21st

Bench Press - TnG

Here are the possible reasons for this regression I've thought of: 1) Did 20 reps total with 135 last press workout, where the previous one I had done 11. Then the next two sets were of heavier weight than last time. This is a likely cause. 2) Had only eaten 760 calories prior to workout (11 hours after waking). 3) Lower total weekly calorie consumption. *edit* it wasn't a calorie problem. Last night I pigged out and in that one day added 5 pounds and an inch to my waist although logistically that makes no sense. But thats what the scale/tape measure say.

Went back over some of my previous FS workouts and plugged in the % of max, should make figuring out what works easier. The press workouts where I did repeated sets with 100% of my max rep weights were tricky. I think I'll just go for a max triple each workout, then add 2.5#. If I hit 2, I haven't improved. If I only get 1, then I've regressed. Each workout I'll hit a top set and then go down in weight, no more hitting more sets with the top set weight.
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