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Thank you for your replies.

Steven, If you're suffering from adrenal exhaustion wouldn't phosphatidylserine be bad since adrenal exhaustion is the hypocortical phase (corisol is now too low after a long period of excessive cortisol secretion due to weakened adrenals)? My fatigue is literally crushing, to the point where doing daily activities is a major effort. Even cooking a meal is extremely draining to me and i feel like just laying down after because I'm so spent. It really has me worried. Interestingly, my CBC showed that my lymphocyte count was low, indicating that my immune function is suppressed, so I'm thinking there may be soem underlying infection going on possibly as well, although my doc doesn't seem to think so.

My parents forced me to go to a psychologist because they think I'm suffering from depression. I gave in and went and the guy did nothing but ask me a few simple question for 5 mins ("Is your energy low? Do you have body aches? blah blah") and concluded that i have both anxiety and depression. I mentioned adrenal issues to him and he quickly dismissed it and prescribed me to Prozac and Xanax, which I wont be taking. Overall, it was a complete waste of my time and money. The guy didn't even run any blood tests to check hormone levels, etc.

I've tried some adaptogenic herbs like Stress Advantage by New Chapter, tulsi tea, and turmeric. I've found that none of them have helped and the tulsi tea even makes my heart palpitations worse (tulsi lowers cortisol so this hints to me that I'm in the hypocortical phase of adrenal fatigue and the tulsi is simply lowering the cortisol, even lower, causes strange symptoms). I do feel slightly better after the turmeric but the other two have done nothing positive.

I may just tough it out and save up some money for a month and get an ASI saliva test for all the male hormones and see if anything is out of wack. I'm predicting that my testosterone and DHEA will be low along with low cortisol, since my sex drive is pretty much non-existent and i always feel "wired but tired".

Thanks again for your response. Any further comments/details would be greatly appreciated.
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