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Tuesday November 22nd

Wide Stance Box Squat - 15.25" box
275x3 - 84%
300x3 (BELT) - 92%
325x3 (BELT) - 100%
265x10 - 81%

Go for a CPF mens equpped junior squat record? Maybe. Current is 320kg. I'll pick up some briefs though. This might be the change I need. Going to be doing these Mondays, Thursday will be front squat day.

Mrs Bumsteen
5 Round For Time:
10 55# Dumbbell Snatch
10 55# DB Swing
10 BW Squats

Time: 7:18

Much more reasonable. I guess last time I had alot of accumulated fatigue from squatting. Its probably from doing lots of 6-12 rep maxes. I bet if I stick with triples I won't have that problem.

Conditioning on Tuesdays and Fridays.
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