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Question Is this dumb programming...?

I am looking for advice on my programming. I train for pure enjoyment towards obtaining an above average physique.

My diet is in check, paleo/primal/leangains IFing.
I feel good, look good and perform steadily better each session.
So, I have decided to get more serious and really start focusing on body comp. I am currently F/29/5'8"/138#.

I have been doing this each week, for the past 4 weeks: I rest 3 minutes between sets and 5 mins. between each set of movements.

Deadlift (3 sets, 5-7 reps, reverse pyramid style.)
Front Squat (same as deads) OR Good Mornings
Weighted chins (same as deads)
Calf Raises (10x10)

Bench Press (3 sets, 5-7 reps, reverse pyramid)
Close Grip Bench (3x5)
Pull Ups (bodyweight, 3 sets, max reps)
short couplet/triplet metcon @ 75-85% intensity.

Back Squat (3 sets, 5-7 reps, reverse pyramid)
Walking Lunges (same as squat)
Push Press (same as squat)

Since I am not training sport specific, or for strength alone, my question is this:
Would it be effective to keep my training days exactly as they are laid out for the major movements, but change the rep schemes each week to vary the type of training?
For example:

Week 1, Monday may look like what I have been doing.
Whereas, week 2 I would alter the rep scheme to be 3 sets of 10 w/ 60s. rest between sets.
Week 3 may be 5x5 using a set weight across, 3 mins rest
Week 4 may be 3x5, 1-3 minutes rest.

I like the variation of Crossfit, but not the element of constant ass whoop intensity. Also, I prefer heavy barbell work over met cons. However, I understand how I could benefit from incorporating elements of metcons, smartly.
In addition, I love bodyweight movements and gymnastics work... because its fun!
So, if there is some way to keep a monotonous routine of specific movements (ex. deadlift, squat, lunge, etc..) but vary the intensity and rest periods... i would love to do it.

(I hope I am not being blind to something obvious and a program like this exists, but I train alone and have no pals to get feedback from. Therefore I brought my question here.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Any advice or input is appreciated!
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