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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Why mess with what is currently working for you?

Also, in terms of programming a push/pull system of 2 days each of push/pull (for 4 days a week) would probably be better than a more lower/upper/lower ish (at 3 days a week) kinda split you got going there.

Don't introduce a lot of fancy concepts when you're aiming to make improvements. EIther go for increases in weight, alter rest times, increase reps, increase sets, etc. -- just pick one variable to change. If you change too many you don't know what is improving substantially and that doesn't help you with learning how to program effectively. It just teaches you to throw crap against the wall and see what sticks.

I think you need to define your goals a bit better. It's OK to have aesthetic goals.... but if you have any type of performance goals, or bodyweight goals, or whatever goals you think can make your routines better than you should definitely create goals around that. THat would make it much easier to direct your routine towards something you want to do.

And of course, if you are interesting in bodyweight/gymnastics I have to plug my new book. You can check it out here:
Steven- Thanks for your insight! I love the idea of a push/pull scenerio. I went with a basic template from the Leangains website and that is where my original programming came from. I do however need to come up with more concrete goals, i agree. But, without belonging to a team, or training for some type of competition, setting goals is harder than I imagined! I will check out your book. thanks again!
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