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Originally Posted by Aimee Anaya Everett View Post
Casey- The past 4 weeks you have been doing this program what has your weights been like? Do you do the same weights in each exercise each week? Do you increase a little each week? Do you just go as heavy as you can every day?
this is what my last back squat, lunge, push press day looked like:
B.Squat- 3x5-7(reverse pyramid) I did three warm up sets and used 105# for my top workset, decreasing the weight for the next 2 sets by 10% each while upping the reps. My back squat numbers should be much higher for my height/weight ratios I think, but my legs were VERY weak just 8months ago when I couldnt even squat an empty bar for 10 consecutive reps. :/ So, I am coming along slowly! I would like to say my max squat is probably 140-50x1. I havent tested it recently.

Walking Lunge- 3x5-7 (RPS) 85#x5, 75#x6, 70#x7. These weights were the same as the previous week. I did close the gap on sets 2 and 3 by 5# though. Last weeks 3rd set was only 65#.

Push Press- 3x5-7(RPS) 85#x5, 80#x6, 75#x7 The previous week was 80#, 75#, 70#.

Overall, I try to increase the weight each week while maintaining proper form & doing each set at a steady pace. When I am able to do all 3 sets like this, I will try adding 5# to the top set the following week and dropping the 2 & 3 sets by 10%. If I struggle with the top set, I will keep the weight the same but add weight to the 2&3 sets.
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