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Dave Van Skike, why did you need the surgery? I'm going through some tendonitis/tendonopathy of the patella tendons (its been about 4 months now) and have been told by weightlifting coaches it is safe to train through. Both coaches from very different backgrounds (and countries) have described it as something quite common for young lifters getting started, but as long as there is adequate stretching and hamstring work it is safe to train through and the tendons will adapt. Sports therapists seem not to agree with this. Although looking through medical text books and reading journals there doesn't seem to be a decent amount of understanding about the condition or how to treat it.

My current routine involves waking up rolling stretching icing, dynamic work before training and lots of static stretching after training followed by lots of icing. The inflammation is pretty severe after training but a good icing gets it under control. I've stayed away from the NSAIDs.

If I just squat there is not as much swelling.

Here is a pretty standard snatch, although sometimes I catch them slightly on my toes which aggravates the tendon.

I think i've posted about this before so sorry to repeat myself.
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