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Default Ab-wheel rollouts

Are they useful/functional? Good to go to when a program says something like "ab work of choice"?

I'm in the market for some basic gear that will help me make progress on strength and conditioning goals without access to a legit gym (i.e. stuff that can fit in a car and be brought to a local park). My list currently looks like

* gymnastic rings
* weight vest
* 24 and 32 kg kettlebell

What's missing from that list? Is there some other implement besides an ab-wheel that would be more bang for the buck?

I'm planning to get Steven's new book and do whatever he tells me to do along with lower body strength/power development via kettlebells and barbells when I have access.

I'm not training for any sport in particular — I just want to develop the type of fitness that'll serve me well when I dive into gymnastic skills and maybe MMA in the future.

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