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Originally Posted by Michael Zowski View Post
Thanks Arien!

I'll check out Enamait's books and add the ab wheel to the list. Just needed some validation from Performance Menu folks, haha.

The key issue I think is to establish goals and find ways to stay motivated enough to increase my training volume without access to a group/community. It's tough! I think having really specific goals and programming is the only way without a coach and/or fellow athletes. Maybe keeping a training log & being more active on these forums will help...
I can definately recommend Ross Enamait's books, I've got three of his books (Infinite Intensity, Never Gymless and Full Throttle Conditioning) and they've been really helpful and informative in regards to helping me with making a sensible S&C program. Enamait starts out with explaining the scientific background to his training philosophy, provides you with a bunch of great exercise ideas and progressions and finally lists a sample 50-day plan to inspire your own programming. Achieving some of the final exercise progressions in those books can be great goals. More goal ideas can be found here:

As for the ab-wheel, I don't own one myself but I hear that they're great. Alternatively you could set the gymnastic rings about hip-height and use them for rollouts instead.
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