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Steve Burke
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Sat 10 Dec:

First sesh with my new coach Kev

Snatch needs plenty of work, concentrated on OH Squats, snatch balances and some Sots Presses no heavier than 40Kg. Will add these in with my warm ups.

40Kg: 1-1-1
60Kg: 1-1-1
70Kg: 1-1
80Kg: 1
90Kg: 1-1-1
95Kg: 1
100Kg: 1

High hang cleans:
70Kg: 3-3-3

Not C&J'd that much for a while, Cleans improving but are just 'one speed' at the moment think i am maybe focusing too much on not crashing the bar into my legs. Need to put some distance betwen my power clean and full clean. Jerks were nice and snappy. Will add in more clean pulls.

Cracking session, learned loads and cant wait for the next one
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