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Default Monday December 12, 2011

Not sure how to make a new page to this so I will log my first day of training here.

Adee Zukier
137 lb

Personal Bests
Snatch: 115 lb
Clean: 160 lb
Clean and Jerk: 145 lb
Jerk: 145 lb

Snatch 135 lb
Clean 200 lb
Clean and Jerk 180 lb

Todays Workout - went light just to test volume

3 position Snatch - 65lb
-made all 5 sets - no real issues
-started from the hang and then knee and then floor to get comfortable

2 Power Jerk + 1 Jerk - 80lb
-made all 5 sets - no real issues

Snatch Pull - 90lb
- this is where I found issues
- I did not now if the pulls were touch and go so my first set of 5 I did touch and go and found my form was affected by the 4th attempt and for the next 4 sets reset for each pull limiting reset time
- i found the movement slightly awkward

- rest in between each lifting set I timed to be 30 seconds. I don't know if this is too much or too little. Any thoughts? I wanted to make sure that rest time was constant.

4 sets - no rest
300m row and 15 push ball
- 10:05 - nice and easy pace
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