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Mostly muscle, but there's a bit of fat there also. He's bigger, but was heavy cardio in soccer, and was actually ripped out- properly built, not starved- with an 8-pack when he left. The 8 pack is gone, but the abs are still visible. If I had to guess, I'd say 50/50 or 60/40 muscle/fat. Its tough to tell because, while he's clearly bigger through the top end, he's clearly smaller in through the legs and posterior chain.

I had the sit-down with him this morning, and detailed how, regardless of what they give him, he has to tack on his own pos. specific stuff and conditioning work in addition to what they're giving him. I told him I'd program him a solid conditioning set-up for when he went back. He knows I think the trainer is a worthless hack, but I think there's a bit of pressure on him to do the program, since he's a redshirt, and the trainer is also a coordinator.

There are also some equipment issues to consider: The school- like just about every facility out this way- lacks what you or I would consider to be "standard" for a quality S&C program. I work at the "best" conditioning facility in the region, and my chains caused a sensation a few months back (a below-par set magically appeared at the facility 6 weeks later), and my slosh pipe drew a crowd this morning. The facility coordinator doesn't know what a Dynamax Ball is, and when someone asked for more bumpers, she purchased them from BodySolid- the rings lasted 6 weeks before the rubber around them broke free. For the region, mobility, trigger point, and foam rolling are considered "innovative"- inquiring about a Bamboo Bar or a Prowler is met with a sea of blank stares. Pressing about modernizing the program is met with hostility.

I REALLY wish I was exaggerating.

I don't have the program with me, but off the top of my head, a day looked like this:

Step-ups "with kick" (warm-up)
Calf Raises (warm-up)
DB "Cuban presses" Barbell Example here (warm-up)

Back squat- 5,5,10,10
Arnold Press- 12,10,8,8
Deadlift 10,10,5,5
Weighted OH Halo 3X15

Tricep Push-downs 10,10,8,8
Curls 8,8,6,6

Swiss Ball Roll-outs 3X15
Swiss Ball Thrusts 3X10


So, not machine based, but something you'd expect to see from a guy familiar with weights- but not programming- at a globogym. What bothered me- other than the obvious- was the rep counts, and the general goofiness of the exercise selection. Its as if the dude wandered through the internet, just picking stuff at random. I see what he thinks he's doing- lower body, shoulders, lower body, shoulders, followed by an arms superset- but I have no clue WHY anyone would approach University football training that way, or how to work with it to get him back on track.

BTW: Other than ladder drills, I saw ZERO cardio/conditioning work in the program. Not even a treadmill session.

Its obvious what the results are, but I can't understand how the hell someone in charge of training a University team has actually been able to use this crap.
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