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Troy Kerr
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Jay I feel your pain. Unfortunately this is a scenario that is probably all to common in the strength and conditioning world.

I think there are two scenarios here :

Scenario A: I think if these coaches gave a damn about putting effort into their programming, you and your athlete wouldn't be in this unfortunate position.

Scenario B: The coaches program could be restricted through the upper levels of the staff. From what I have come to understand about coaching at both the college and professional level, a lot of what the athlete do has to be approved by the head coach and his staff etc.

See if your athlete can put you in touch with a coach or staff member so you can go about setting up a meeting. From there the best thing you can do is to present your concerns in a direct yet intelligent manner. They may be willing to here what you have to say, or they may not really care. Remember that if you stir up the wasp nest the person most like to get stung is your athlete.
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