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Unhappy Wednesday December 14, 2011

Thanks Derek!

I am looking forward to being part of the community taking advantage of all the strength in this forum!!
I am going to be treating myself to some form of video camera this holiday season and hopefully figure out how to upload some videos for critiquing. Any suggestions on type of camera? Flipcam? Whatever would be most compatible for this site I guess.


Hamstrings, Glutes, Adductors, and Traps... Oh My!!!!
I. Am. So. Sore.

I have only completed 2 days of programming and I am beat!! I tried to merely do an air squat and I could not maintain my lumbar support in the bottom of the squat. I decided, after much debate, that today is going to have to be a rest day.

As an athlete and coach a valuable lesson that I have learned is to listen to your body!!!!

It pains me to miss out on a heavy snatch balance day as that is my favourite movement of all

I think I will do todays programming tomorrow and just do the Front Squats x 3 x 3 Friday preparing myself for whatever is to come on Saturday.

Crazy how sad I get when I need to rest.

Off to do some mobility!
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