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Originally Posted by Greg Battaglia View Post

The thing that always gets me is that virtually ALL of these centenarians that maintain their health and vitality eat very little meat. Certainly doesn't jive with the whole paleo concept and some research has implicated high protein intake with increased reactive oxygen species in mitochondria and increased mTOR activity. This may explain the overwhelming representation of vegetarians and near-vegetarians in the centenarian population. Perhaps a plant-based paleo approach would be best for longevity to avoid the complications associated with grain and legume intake we see in typical vegetarian/plant-based diets.

Anutha bump....
I read recently someone postulating on this issue. They made the comment that perhaps the protein intake necessary for high strength based sport/lifestyle was contraindicated for longevity by definition.

Vegetarian leanings (not total, but not "paleo") seem to provide more consistent longevity. Perhaps a high strength, super active lifestyle is not most conducive to living a long time...
I'll need to look more into this before I draw conclusions. Though I am leaning more and more towards this conclusion...
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