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Default Saturday December 17, 2011


So excited to lift today!!!

Snatch x 1 x 5 @ 85
increased by 5lbs from last time
5 x 35lb
3 x 55lb
2 x 65lb
1 x 85lb
1 x 85lb
1 x 85lb Failed
1 x 85lb
1 x 85lb

- snatches felt good and fast need to work on the pull from the ground
- kind of splitting the movement up into two slow off the ground and once i reach my 2nd pull I rev up the speed. Would like to make the movements more fluid.

Clean and Jerk x 1 x 5 @ 120
3 x 75lb
2 x 95lb
1 x 115lb
1 x 120lb
1 x 120lb
1 x 120lb
1 x 120lb
1 x 120lb

- I love clean and jerks!!!!!!!! felt more aggressive in the jerk today
- also 5lb up from last time

Pause Squat - heavy triple
- I dont know why but i thought that this was SO MUCH FUN!
worked my way up to 145 for 3 pausing for 3 seconds in the hole.

back is still a bit fragile so i didnt want to do the straight leg deadlifts so instead I did some Glute Ham Raises 3 x 8

Great Day of lifting!!!!
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