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Kyle Uptmore
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Saturday, 12.17.11

Snatch - 10 x 1 w/ 140-150lbs 3
Clean and Jerk - 9 x 1 w/ 195lbs 2
Front Squat 2RM - worked up to 290lbs x 2. 3

Week 1 is in the books, super brutal week of training. Goal of the workout was to get 8-12 total reps of 80-90% of 1RM in the OLs. I had taken an hour nap 2hrs before the workout and I really felt off in the snatches. Most of the reps today were barely caught in the power position. Also today was the first day I have ever attempted an actual jerk. I did the power jerk version and it felt super awkward. The weight was light but I've never pushed more weight than 150lbs over my head ever. Front Squat was still submax today. I bet I can do at least 300 x 2, maybe more. All reps were as deep as deep can get.
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