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Steve Burke
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21 Dec

Sots Press:
20Kg: 5x5

Snatch Balance:
40Kg: 3-3-3-3

Oly Squat:
60Kg: 5-5
80Kg: 5
100Kg: 5
122.5Kg: 5 (felt shit)

Snatch pulls:
60Kg: 3
70Kg: 2-2
80Kg: 2-2-2-2-2

Clean pulls:
60Kg: 2
80Kg: 2-2 (still shit at these so stopped)

60Kg: 1-1-1
70Kg: 1
80Kg: 1
90Kg: 1-1-1-F(through laziness)-1

Sots presses are getting better, will start slowly adding weight to these.

Snatch pulls getting better, still nice and close and to sternum height.

Just cant get my head around clean pulls, catching weight too low so no point doing them. Cleans are getting better though.
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